Lightburn Not Actually Sending Files Via Ethernet But No Error Reported - "File send successful"

I’m having an issue with LightBurn software where it says it sent the RD file to the laser (Ruida 60W) but when I go to the laser, it’s not there. There is no error reported on either side. LightBurn says “File send successful” but the file isn’t there on the laser. The previous job file I had is still there. Also, when I send it again, I do not get the “file name already exists” error message I would expect to get when sending the same file name twice. I have no idea what’s going on here.

This just started yesterday and I haven’t changed anything. If I disconnect the ethernet cable, it will give the error.

Which Ruida controller? And how many files do you have stored on the controller itself? If it’s full, or you’re over 99 files, it might not accept new ones.

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I’m not sure exactly which controller, I don’t see a version number anywhere in the menus or on the physical controller. I just looked at the listing that I bought it from and the controller version is not listed there either, it just says “Ruida controller”. Here are some photos.

It’s not full, there is 66MB of free space availble (77 files). I even deleted some files to check this but I’m still seeing the same issue.

Also, I just clicked “Data Check” and it said File checking failed. So it seems like something is the matter with the internal file system.

The manufacturer sent me a recent firmware, I guess I’ll try flashing that.

This is new variant of the 6445 made for Orion Motor Tech. If you send a file to the laser, the current public release of LightBurn doesn’t create the correct content for it - they added some internal checksums that I had to work out, which is completed and working for the next release.

If you use ‘Start’ to run the job directly, that does work and doesn’t do the internal check.

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Thanks but I have been sending files for months with no issues. This issue just started yesterday. I’ve been able to send them (without starting) then start them at the laser using the physical controls.

Ok, that’s odd - it’s possible that the ‘Send’ feature from the software works and it’s just loading them from USB that fails. (the data check would also likely fail though, because of the missing checksums)

If there’s nothing stored in the controller that you need, I would try doing a ‘Delete All’ from the File List window in LightBurn, and try sending again. Ruida controllers are known to get weird when mostly full, and sometimes doing a wipe will clear that.

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OK I’ll try wiping it. My attempts to upgrade the firmware so far have failed. When I try doing it with a USB drive and the .UPD file OMTech sent me, the laser says “No upgrade file”, and when I try to to it from RDWorks, it says “Communication error!”.

OK so I deleted all of the files from memory and that seems to have fixed the problem of sending files. The weird thing is, there is only 96MB free now, and there was 66MB free before, so it was only 31% full.

I still can’t get the firmware upgrade to work but that’s another matter.

Lastly, I want to see the system info but when I click the System Info button it asks for a password even though I’ve never made a password and OMT never mentioned anything about there being one. I’ve tried all the default ones I found online like “RD8888,” “HF8888” and “CC8888” but none of them work.

I’m not sure what the password is for the HMI on those things - you’d likely have to email the vendor to find out. The usually tell you the version on power up for both the board and the HMI (human/machine interface, aka the panel).

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