LightBurn not connecting to Ruida

I have recently downloaded a trial of Lightburn which I find great (still not sure editing nodes in a vector file yet) I have had success when connected to my old ebay 60w machine but I cannot get Lightburn to connect to my Prytec 100W machine which uses a Ruida RDC6344G controller. Any clues?

Did you install the driver at the end of the LightBurn installation?

Thanks for your reply. I had to wait until I returned home before uninstalling and re-installing. It was still unable to “find” my laser but I had a friend do a manual connection which seems to work except where I try to engrave text or image I get a “ghosted” or double image. I have set Lightburn to engrave in one direction only which has overcome the problem but has slowed up the process. I am using a Prytec 1000/600 100W machine. When I connect to my old 60W ebay special it is okay.

For the ghosting, use this:

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