Lightburn not connecting with new thunder bolt

Having some issues connecting my thunder bolt to my light burn. Followed tutorials but when I get to the step to choose controller it does not show Rudia co troller as an option. Used find my laser option and tried to connect and it is stating I need the other version of Lightburn after I have already purchased the upgrade for my current version. Does the renewal/upgrade not have the correct software to communicate with the Rudia controllers?

Which upgrade specifically did you purchase? When you purchased it, did you provide the existing key that you’re currently trying to use?

I believe I did provide my key and the upgrade/renewal (not sure the exact terminology used) was $30.

Note that the renewal is different from the DSP upgrade. The renewal would be $30. That gets you an additional year of update support.

The DSP license is what you need. It’s a $60 add-on to the base G-code license.

Makes sense. Thank you for the info and clarification!

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