Lightburn not detecting my TL-3120

Hello, new here. I have been having troubles connecting my TL-3120 to lightburn. Software does not recognize it. Does anyone have a tutorial or advice on how to get the USB connection to work? I have the Ridgeway Co2 7050 with the TL-3120 controller.

I updated Lightburn and the driver for the machine.

Wondering if I need to manually connect and if so, what options would I choose?

Thank you!

It should be recognized right away. Have you installed LaserCAD? If that works, and connects, LightBurn should too.

Ok. Had to reconfigure the driver. I am so out of my element here.

Here is the link from BuildYourCNC guys.

I have it coming up on lightburn, but now the program says I do not have the DSP license. I have already paid for the license and says I have 267 days left. Do I need to buy a different type of lightburn license? I bought it when I used my 7w from jtronics without any issue. Let me know, happy to buy the correct one if needed.

There is an upgrade to your license that will allow you to use a DSP controller with it. It is available for purchase here:

Thank you so much! Just upgraded and put in my old key, now just have to wait up to 24 hours for them to manually upgrade it in their system. Big step forward for me. Many thanks!

This was processed yesterday, and you would’ve gotten the ‘order complete’ notification. You should be all set.

Got it within maybe an hour or so - very quick! Thank you! It is working well with communicating with my machine. Just grounding my machine today before I try a trial burn. Many thanks for the help!

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