Lightburn not engraving over lapping designs

Hi all,

I am noticing that some designs which overlap are not engraving all the way. With letters I solve the problem with illustrator as I create outlines and merge but I do not have the same option with images as this. Is there an option similar through lightburn?

Try the weld or boolean feature. The squares in the overlap is the problem.

You’ll need to weld those shapes together, as Jeff says above. LightBurn uses what’s called an ‘odd/even’ fill rule, meaning every time it encounters an edge, it toggles the fill off & on.

Hi both, thanks for your replies but when welding this is what I am getting. I un group the 2 shapes and weld after since it is deselected when grouped. Only solution I found so far is adjusting through illustrator and then load again in lightburn

The issue is that your shapes self-overlap, so there is no “right answer” for how the weld tool should do what it needs to.

I suspect the simplest way for you to correct this will be using Edit Nodes and the 'T’rim tool. With your shapes selected, point the mouse at one of the overlapping sections and press ‘T’ to trim it, like this:



Do that for all the overlaps, then select it all and use Edit > Auto Join to attach it all back together.

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