Lightburn "not responding" running very slowly

First time posting so sorry if not in correct thread. Today Lightburn has started running very slowly, as in one keystroke every 30s or so. Not responding has been coming up. Nothing changed that I know of before this started. I installed v1.2.01 yesterday but Lightburn was running fine this morning. I’ve shut it down and rebooted cpu and have turned off cloud autosaving with no change. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

same problem here :confused:

Carolina, given that you’re using a different operating system than the above user, it’s possible but unlikely they’re related.

Aaron, it’s been two weeks since this post was made; is the issue persisting, or did it resolve itself? Generally it’s suggested that if the program is behaving sluggishly your computer is rebooted, as not having enough free system memory can make it difficult or slow for LightBurn to run concurrently with other programs.

Out of curiosity, are you using LightBurn Bridge with your Ruida controller?

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