Lightburn not saving files, fresh windows 10 install


I’m running version 1.0.04 and I’ve noticed an issue with saving lightburn files.

If i create a file in Lightburn, it could be anything, even just a simple square - it will not save.
Selecting File - Save As and saving it to the Desktop/Documents, nothing happens, there isn’t any error message, the save dialogue box just disappears as though it’s been saved. If I then go to the directory I saved the file in, nothing is there.

This is on a fresh windows 10 install as well, has anyone else come across this issue?


After this, what happens if in Lightburn you go to File>Recent Projects.

Nothing comes up under the recent projects.

If something is selected it won’t save, for example a square in the project (which is the only thing that it contains). I’ve also found that saving as lightburn2 file type doesnt work but the legacy project does.
Saving as the legacy project shows up in recent projects and in the file save location.

Are you able to load .lbrn2 files?
test.lbrn2 (4.5 KB)

I’ve just upgraded to .05 and downloaded the test file.
I can’t open the file. I double click on it and nothing happens. Right Click > Open With has Lightburn as the default, even if i browse to the default lightburn directory and choose lightburn.exe the file doesnt open.

Can you go from within LightBurn? File->Open->navigate to file and hit Open.

Also, are you having problems with any other application? Or just LightBurn?

Thank you for reporting this. As you can see below, we are trying to better understand what is happening with this. We are still investigating. Some antivirus software considers launching a sub-process to be a security issue, so it’s not infeasible that’s causing issues. It could also be a bug, but then why so few reports?

Please review and let us know the outcome. :slight_smile:

File - Open through lightburn didnt work either.
No issues in any other program I use. Everything works as expected.

Hi Rick,

Thanks for sending that through. Im running the default windows defender anti-virus, the version of Windows is 21H1 incase that helps.

I’ve just updated to .06 and it seems to be working. I’m not sure if it was the upgrade as i also renamed the file you suggested (LBFileDialog.exe).

I checked the Event Viewer and found a few entries as ‘Application Hang’, EventID 1002 .
Followed by a Windows Error Reporting entry, EventID 1001.

Problem signature:
P1: LightBurn.exe
P3: 61ad7d2e
P4: 2024
P5: 67246080

Not really sure if that helps or not though.

I’ll keep using it tonight and see how it goes. If it starts happening again, I’ll check event logs more and report back.

Thanks again.

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