Lightburn on both Mac and PC

I currently run a licensed copy of Lightburn for my 10w diode laser via my PC Laptop. I will soon be buying an additional license to run my GWeikecloud CO2 machine. I would like to run the CO2 machine from my iMac. My question is can I have both licenses on both machines in case I choose to swop around or maybe suffer computer breakdowns?

You probably just need an upgrade.

LightBurn’s License allows for 2 PC’s (3 if you ask nicely) to run simultaneously, regardless of OS.

As Jeff noted above, the GWeikicloud CO2 machine is a DSP controlled laser, which will require the addition of DSP devices to a base GCode license key. You can do that here: LightBurn Software - Add DSP devices to existing license

Thanks both. As soon as I have a delivery date for the new CO2 toy, I’ll arrange the DSP license. Great response, Terry

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