Lightburn on Guest account macOS

for a small makerspace i am in the proces of installing an macOS ( version 11) with Lightburn .
The idea is that people login with the guest account do there thing and logout , next person will login with the guest account and will get a new clean environment .
Got LightBurn license working for all users on the machine , also for the guest .
Now if LightBurn starts up it needs an device setup , but that i rather have one preset .
This should be possible bij adjusting &adding things in the /Library/User Template/Non_localized .

where are these machine setting etc stored ?., so i can copy them from a users account to the User Template directory .

with regards Wouter

All LightBurn related preferences are stored in the Prefs folder. You can identify your location by going to File->Open Prefs Folder.

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