Lightburn on Linux(Ubuntu)

I use Lightburn on a Microsoft surface running latest Ubuntu…

I can’t access basic settings, window is to small compared to text and whatnot so I would like to know if there is like a config file i can manually check?

LightBurn does have a minimum resolution required to display correctly - it appears that window is scaled quite larger compared to the color palette on the bottom of the window.

I’m not particularly adept at Ubuntu myself, but I’d wager you could adjust your window scaling somewhere in the settings.

Try physically extending the size of the window vertically. That will likely provide additional spacing per row.

You see by the filename/picture the resolution of the screen

I can resize the window by dragging any of the lower corners, that makes it readable, but it is not persistent. when window is closed and opened again it is the same small window

I would like to see it saved, minor issue but hey…make everyday smarter, don’t work harder.

You can adjust font and icon size in Edit->Settings. See if that gets you to a workable size.

I actually have the same problem on Windows except that instead of the text running into each other the text is not visible for the constrained areas of the window. For now it’s still the best compromise of settings for me.

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