Lightburn on macOS is buggy / crashes frequently

Hey Lightburn team,

First of all, Lightburn is great and is far better than any previous workflow I’ve used. However, on macOS it seems to be quite buggy and crashes several times during every use which is quite frustrating.

The most common cause seems to be a webcam or Lightburn bridge comms issue. I don’t know how to read the stack trace from a macOS crash dialog properly, but I feel like that there may be one or more unhandled exceptions occurring in the Lightburn bridge or webcam comms stack. It seems to hang for a while (maybe until a timeout happens) then crashes. In fact, macOS often reports Lightburn as “application not responding” while doing any sort of I/O.

It would be great if maybe a little bit of dev time could be spent looking over the comms stack and seeing if there are any places unhandled exceptions could occur / generally making it a little more reliable during timeouts/edge cases.

Thank-you! :slight_smile:

Computer: 2012 iMac and 2020 MacBook Air M1
macOS: Catalina and Big Sur
Controller: RDC-6442
Webcam: Logitech C930

Thank you for reporting this. LightBurn should not crash. Please email any crash reports to with a description of what you were doing just before the crash occurs to help with context. This information can be very helpful in our investigations. :slight_smile:

Perfect! I’ll send an email through.

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