Lightburn on old Ubuntu laptop

I’m running lightburn on my older (~2007) ubuntu laptop. The program works, and it runs well considering, but I’m have a few strange issues. First, the screen resolution on the laptop doesn’t go above 1366x768, and it doesn’t seem like lightburn is compatible with that small of a screen. I can’t shrink the window vertically enough to get the bottom row with the cut color swatches on the screen no matter what I try.

The second, and far more infuriating thing I’m experiencing is to do with the mouse/touchpad. For some reason the program seems to always think I’m holding down the left mouse button. I have to click twice to actually click any buttons, and interacting with the design space is next to impossible. Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing these issues?

What version of Ubuntu are you using? We only support 16.04 and up.
And yeah, you really need a high resolution screen. The LightBurn UI is pretty packed full of controls and we do generally assume 1920x1080 or higher.

Not sure what to tell you about the mouse button issue to be honest. I have not heard of anything remotely like that happening before. Is LightBurn the only application you are having mouse issues with on that machine?
Does it still happen if you connect a normal USB mouse?

I’m on Ubuntu The mouse issue does indeed only happen within Lightburn; I can alt-tab to another program and everything works fine.

I figured out that closing all of the windows to the right of the screen and reopening them so that they are all tabs in the same window allowed me to shrink the program enough to see everything. Now I just need to get this mouse issue figured out.

Just to confirm, does it still happen if you use a regular mouse and not the touchpad?

Can you also confirm which version of LB you are running? Is it the latest v0.9.09? Any chance you are running the beta?

Yes, it happens both for a USB mouse and for the touchpad. I’ve noticed that closing and reopening Lightburn makes it work correctly for a while, but it always seems to come back eventually. I can’t seem to find how to confirm the version I’m running, there isn’t the typical “about” section that I can find in the app, and when I click check for updates I just get an error saying “A network error occurred: Error creating SSL context ()”

That last part (and also if you were unable to do an online activation) sounds like the libssl library version being off, it’s been a common theme with Linux-LightBurn compatibility. Of course, Adam is much more well versed in Linux than I am.

Help > Quick Help & Notes
Or just hit the F1 key.

Version will be in the window title.

And yeah, there’s sometimes a libssl bug - though last I checked it worked on Ubuntu 18… ugh.
Try running sudo apt install openssl1.0 libssl1.0-dev
That should fix the ssl problem at least.

Weird that the mouse works for a while and then stops - let’s start with what version you are running, just in case. though mostly because I am at a complete loss for why it would do that. Linux can be very weird and it’s likely something else on the system that’s conflicting.

also, can you confirm how you installed LightBurn? Did you use the .run file or the .7z file?

LightBurn 0.9.09, built Mon 2019-12-09 @ 20:00

The ssl package installs fixed the auto update issue, so that’s nice. I installed using the .run file.

EDIT: Is there any kind of log file or debug logging I can activate to aid in troubleshooting?

You can enable debug logging, but it’s unlikely to catch anything with the mouse buttons. I have to add code to put stuff into the log, and the mouse button getting stuck is not something that has ever been a problem before.

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