LightBurn on second PC Question

I’m new to using a laser and LighBurn software. I bought LightBurn and have one copy on my Windows 10 lap top and thats what I use in my shop to work with the laser ( whitch is a Ortur Laser Master 2 - 20 watt ) . My question is that if I install the second copy of LighBurn on my desktop PC - thats also a windows 10 machine , will both copy’s reflect what the other copy has on it. If after hours I work in LighBurn on my desktop machine and make some files , will those be universal to both copys of LighBurn ? Thanks George in Fla.

You’ll have to manually move any files you want to share across to the second computer, and also make sure to install any fonts used on both machines. LightBurn doesn’t have any sort of cloud sharing of its own, but you can use Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, DropBox, etc to keep files synced between multiple machines.

Thanks OZ for your reply. That answers that. Maybe they could work on that feature in a future up date ?
George in Fla.

I use a free dropbox account to store all the laser files and jobs and that way they stay in sync.



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I do the same and it works great. I have a Windows 10 laptop in my workshop and my Macbook in the house. I sync my files either through a network drive or Cloud accounts and everything is up to date on both computers.

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