Lightburn on topwisdom 410-C frame button

When I try and use the frame button on my topwisdom controlled machine it gives me a out of range error. But the machine will cut fine. Is this a bug in lightburn or is it something I have set wrong in software.

That is not enough information. Are you pressing the frame button on the controller itself, or in LightBurn? What origin mode are you in? (the ‘Start from’ setting) Where have you placed the job?

Either button gives me out of range when using lightburn no issue in auto laser. I have it set on user origin and put the part top left corner is here i put part that is where my machine homes to.

Which version of LightBurn?

When I press the rectangular frame button it did also not work or sometimes it shows the frame on the wrong position. But when I use the circular frame button it works. I think there is something wrong.
Tested with the newest version.

Which ‘Start From’ setting are you using? It looks like I handle ‘Current Position’ and ‘Absolute’ properly, but ‘User Origin’ might not be.

I am using user origin

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