LightBurn on two computer

I have the TS 4060 laser in the garage it is running from a old laptop #1 with USB cable no internet .
For now it is running with Corel12 and a Chinese CorelLaser.
I order a 3d LaserBoard is on it way.
I have another laptop #2 with a licence LightBurn on witch I will prepare the work for the #1.
How can I run #1 when I receive the 3DLB? I do not wan to spend more time then necessary in the garage temp is 45F in there.

Save the LightBurn file to a memory stick and walk it out to the other machine. Good old fashioned sneakernet.

You can install Lightburn on up to two machines. Install Lightburn on laptop #1.

Edit: didn’t realize UD5 was Trocen only.

UD5 files are only for Trocen controllers, and the Cohesion 3D Laser Board does not support USB drives.

As Anthony suggests, just copy the LightBurn file to a portable drive, and open it on laptop #1.

Yes that is what I will do.
Now I need a “Request Offline Activation” for the laptop #1.
Waiting for the Cohesion 3D to arrive.

When you are ready, click ‘Offline Activation Request’. It will generate a file with the .OFR extension and prompt you to save this file. Send this file to support (at) lightburnsoftware (dot) com with your license key and we will be able to process the offline activation for you.