Lightburn on Windows detects Laser but not on Mac

Hi, I’m up and running fine with my Windows laptop using Lightburn and Genmitsu LC-40 Laser. I have installed the correct Driver on my 2009 iMac but it doesn’t detect the laser at all. The laser has the GRBL firmware (so it can be seen on Windows) but no luck on the Mac side. Any suggestions?

Just bumping this to see if anyone has any ideas.

Have you tried the USB cable in all the USB ports?

Yes I did. It shows up in the System Information window on my Mac but doesn’t get seen by Lightburn

Hi Tom,

Have you tried creating your device manually? You can also ‘Export’ the device profile from your Windows PC, transfer it to your Mac, and then ‘Import’ it there.

After manually creating or importing a device profile, you may also need to select the correct COM port from the drop down menu in your ‘Laser’ window. When you’ve selected the correct one you’ll see a response in your ‘Console’ window. If none work, try restarting LightBurn and your laser, and see if another option appears.

I did try manually but didn’t know what settings to use. I will definitely try exporting and importing to see if that does it. Thanks

What does it show in the system info? LightBurn is expecting to see a virtual serial port. If it’s not showing up as such, that would be an issue. Something else to try: Power the laser first, then run LightBurn and see if that works.

Exporting and importing settings seemed to work. Thanks for the advice.

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