Lightburn open multiple instances

Hi there,

I have in my possession 2 engravers:

  • Atomstack X20 Pro
  • Atomstack Pro+

Since the update to 1.2.01, it is impossible for me to open several instances of the software to be able to burn simultaneously with my two machines.

Do you have a software solution please or should I think of getting a new machine?

Thanks for your help everyone!

is not an LB issue, is your computer issue, i’ve got the same last version and i run 3 istances to run 3 engraves at the same time. The specs of your computer?

Hi Killrob,

Processor : Inter 2.80GHz G6950
Memory : 10,0Go
System : Windows 10 - 64 bits

10 Go ram? It’s a little strange amount of memory. Maybe 8 or 12, be sure your ram is not faulty

Would be helpful if you could give us the error message you are getting. I can open multiple on my desktop (just tried) so might be a computer issue…

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Sorry for the delay in response.
That’s the problem, I have no message, it only opens the current window when I try to open another intense

This happens if if try and open an actual lightburn file with a window open. Is that what you are doing? Try just opening lightburn by itself and see if it loads and then load your file from inside the program. Is kinda weird you cant double click a file and open a new window but that is they way it seems to work.

no, his issue is not open a file in LB, he wants to open multiple istances of LB at the same time… like i do for example.

yes indeed it is to open several windows at the same time which does not succeed “anymore”

you say you have 10Go ram, how many banks? is a laptop or a desktop?

Yes thats what I mean. If I have one instance of LB open I can only open another one by clicking the LB icon. If I try to open one by double clicking a lbrn2 file it opens in the same window already opened. As long as I double click the desktop icon or select from the programs list then I can open a bunch but it will NOT open a new one if I double click the lbrn2 file.

Hope that makes sense.

Same here, but I don’t see it being a ig issue, open 2nd instance and then open file. There are settings in windows that control / prevent multiple instances, some google sleuthing may help.

Yea I dont see it as a problem but was trying to figure out if this is why they couldn’t open multiple windows because they were trying to double click the files rather than loading lightburn and then opening files. So hard to diagnose issues online!!!

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