Lightburn Paragraph text editing

Is it possible to edit paragraph text in lightburn like we can do corel draw or Word, i.e. by selecting a part of the text and changing its properties like fonts, size, etc. If I have to do such changes, I have to do each piece of text seperately. If its not possible, maybe editors can consider for future upgrades.

Thank you

I think you can just edit the “text box”.
In other words, if you want different formatting, you need to create new “text boxes” (new texts).

Its becomes quite complicated when you have several textboxes with different size and fonts, because each will occupy different space.

Yes, it’s true.
But I think you don’t have other option.
After all, Lightburn is not text editing software…

Look for videos on YouTube that may have an alternative for or a suggestion from someone who has already overcome the same problem.

An alternative that might work would be to create the text you want in a text editor, save it in one of the formats that can be opened by Lightburn, and after opening, ungroup and organize it in the way you want.
I don’t know if it solves it but it’s an idea.

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