Lightburn pauses after a few seconds

I received the notification to upgrade after doing so project starts and pauses after a few seconds. Please help

Are you, by any chance, using the ‘iLaser’ device type instead of GRBL?

Do you get any error messages in the console when trying to run your project? Any more information you can provide? Does LightBurn still think it’s sending? (is the ‘busy’ bar still lit up?)

yes I am using the ilaser yes it still thinks it is sending in the console you get a run of OK’s

Do you have an iLaser?

If not, edit your Device Profile for this device, change to GRBL. :slight_smile:

The iLaser device is not a standard GRBL device. If you’re using that, you need to change it to ‘GRBL’ - click the Devices button, double click the laser, change it to GRBL, click ‘Next’ until finished.

iLaser is a very specific machine with additions that aren’t GRBL compatible, and some new features were added to it for this release. If you don’t have the iLaser machine, you shouldn’t use that as the device.

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