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Hi all, If I click on the regular polygon on the left hand side tool bar it will bring up a six sided polygon. I was wanting to change this to a five sided pentagon (i guess that it would be called) to try and draw a five point star with the pencil icon. I just wanted to snap to each end point to make the star, any help on this is much appreciated. Somewhere I saw a short video on this, but I cannot get the the five sided object. Thanks to all for the help in the past. This is a great forum for beginners like me.


Once you’ve made a six sided polygon, right click it and select “show properties”. In the properties box you can change it to any number of sides your heart desires.

Thank you Hank, worked perfect, thanks again.

With the polygon selected, right-click ‘Show Properties’ to expose the ‘Shape Properties’ page. There you can adjust the number of sides. For the Snap behavior, this is worth review: Creation Tools - LightBurn Software Documentation

Thanks Rick and all, but right know I am having problems with the pencil tool connecting to each of the five points to draw the star. When I try to click to one of the points of the the star, it does not snap to the end point of the star. When I click the pencil, it will draw a line, but not snapped to star corner so I can go around on all five points. Thanks for the help, when I get time, I will look at this more. As I said, somewhere I saw a short video where someone drew the star out of the five point polygon, then they highlighted the whole object to get rid of the polygon and hit delete, after that, they highlighted all and selected the offset tool to get rid of the inner star polygon.
Thanks for your help,

Do you have “Snap to Objects” turned on in settings?

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Thanks Hank and Rick and All,
I found out how to draw the star. The snap to grid was already on. Under grid contrast, my grid is set off, visual grid spacing is 0, grid snap distance is .1, click selection tolerance is 7.0 and object snap is 5.0. Then I can select the polygon tool and set it to five sides, draw the lines and snap to each point of the star, then hit delete to get rid of the pentagon, then select the offset tool to get rid of the inner parts of the star. Something so easy, just needed the steps to get there.


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