Lightburn Power Output Setting vs. Milliamp Meter Reading

Frankensteined Full Spec G5 Hobby laser running Cohesion 3D Laser board and a 40W tube.

The laser came to me in rough shape. Tube was dead and eventually the factory FSL controller died. Recently the stock PSU died (cheap, wasn’t even fan cooled) Machine did not have a milliamp meter so I recently installed one and to my surprise I am maxing out at 16mA at a Lightburn power setting of only 30. At 36 I am running 18mA. Is this common for a 40W tube? I searched around and found some video of guys that where running a 50W (800mm) tubes and they where running their Lightburn power settings at 85% for peak continuous use.

Does a power output setting of 30 in Lightburn sound correct for a max run pwr on a 40W tube?

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