Lightburn preview only without a laser cutter / Mock device interface

I use a laser cutter at a club, open only on week-ends.
So, I would like to use Lightburn preview, at home, with a pseudo-device, to train with the interface and check my DXF files.
Unfortunately, Lightburn requires the detection of a real device, although a mock interface would suffice.

Compared to printers, this feature would be equivalent to printing to a PDF file.

Any idea please ?

It usually requires no connection to a laser machine to be able to work with the files and see a preview image, however, I do not know if anything special applies to a rotating device. You just manually create the same machine as on the other computer and then everything should be fine.

It should work fine without a laser…

Go to ‘Edit → Device settings’ and configure it like the one you use.

In device settings is another tab, ‘Additional Settings’, which is used in the ‘preview’ or simulation. Lightburn estimates times and duplicates the proper speeds for a simulation. Lightburn gets this information from this window.

I don’t know know what it does if there is no device as far as settings go. The ones in the screenshot came from my controller, previously…


Don’t use any of my numbers, as they probably won’t match, but here is an example.

The speed of you preview/job time is all that this will affect.