Lightburn problem

china 100w rudia working perfect for the last year finished job last night
this morning lightburn no communication say’s ready then disconnected
laser will not move from keypad ,I tried new usb cable no luck I had a new rudi
controler fitted that just the same ,could not get into vender setting with lightburn because
no communication .I had an old laptop with rd works so tried that it worked fine
connected to laptop with lightburn on it everything locked again
uninstall lightburn reinstall everything good

This I can not say. What OS and version of LightBurn are you running on these systems?

latest lightburn windows 10

windows 10 and the latest lightburn software

Yes both Windows 10 and the latest update with lightburn.

Yes and had no problem until this morning

just raising my issue with Cohesion 3D also but the main man is not well at the moment.

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