Lightburn recognising duel lasers

New to Lightburn and lasers but having a ball. Our Men’s Shed has just purchased a Chinese 1390 duel 80w - 150w CO2 laser with Ruida RDC6445G controller. My question is there any way to “Trick” Lightburn into recognising that I have duel lasers without actually connecting to the laser itself? Thus allowing me to set power and speed for both lasers while not connected.
Ideally I would like to be able to design projects with Lightburn (absolutely great software) at home and then connect to the laser transfer them straight into the controller without any modification of the settings for Laser1 and Laser2. Many thanks.


Not at the moment, I’m afraid. We’re going to be changing this to allow you to set this manually, but at the moment it’s automatic on connection to the machine.

Welcome to our forum @cubbyhouse .

Curious about your machine. Where did you purchase it from?

Have you experimented with your 150W cutting power? How thick of a wood can you cut?



Oz, thanks for the prompt reply, thought this would be the case. Will keep an eye out for the change.
Have to say totally rapt in how easy Lightburn was to pick up and the detailed feed back people give to the questions asked on this forum is so helpful.

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Many thanks for the welcome, we purchase the machine from Jinan Style Machinery in Shandong.
Still experimenting with all different materials but so far have managed to cut 20mm thick solid pine,
1 pass - focus set at top surface - speed 7mm/sec - max. power 60% - min. power 55%
Feel sure with some more fine tuning should be able to improve on this.

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Can’t you connect to set up the device, then you are able to walk away and experiment/design without being connected?

Good point Bonjour Bo, certainly worth a try. At the moment I have Lightburn on my PC at home and also on a PC at our Men’s shed which is about 30 minutes drive away. Due to the Covid - 19 virus our shed is closed so hence my need to work on projects from home for the foreseeable future.

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