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Hey Guy I don’t know if anyone has struck this before but I recently had a client ask for some (100) Parabola’s to be cut out of MDF, so I proceeded to create the parabola in inkscape which worked well then imported it to lightburn which also went ok. Now because I needed 100 I used the matrix tool and as I wanted to reduce the amount of material and number of cuts I set the matrix tool to zero spacing, which also work ok. Now I then optimized the cut and set it to remove the overlaps. When I previewed to result there was some weird artifacts and gapping where it had removed the overlaps but I figured maybe that was just the preview not showing correctly and preceeded to cut them, I was a little concerned when it began replicating the same random cuts from the preview but I thought it would be ok as it was just small extra cuts and gaps that appeared to be being overcut and wouldn’t matter. But when it was done I found that some of the cut line hadn’t cut and the bits needed to be broken apart leaving little nubs of mdf. I wasn’t happy with the result so did the job again with 1mm gaps between the shapes with no problem, except I made no money on the job and the laser had to do more cutting. I have a theory that the parabola shapes, because the made up of loads of small lines that when the matrix tool copied them there was errors introduced in the lines so the overlaps weren’t the same between copies so when it removed them it created the random result. Any thoughts and has anyone had similar result using the remove ovelaps optimzation.

Please show examples of what you see. There are a few possible things I can think of, but would like to narrow my response with confirmation from your images. Show ‘Workspace’, ‘Preview’ and the resulting job, please. We can go from there. :slight_smile:

Hi Rick easier if I attach the file and ya can look, bugga it too big I cut the number of parabolasparabolaLBF.lbrn (3.7 MB)

I suspect it’s a small misalignment with some of the segment endpoints, just enough to be “out of tolerance” with the overlap removal code. I’ll have a look and see if I can improve it.

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Yeah I thought something like that too, or I had a thought that maybe the matrix tool wasn’t copying the shape exactly and creating those kinds of errors and then the remove overlaps was just doing what its meant too and leaving it wrong.

Good Idea only have to remove the last parabola as the rubber band tool creates an overlap, but yeah cool Cheers

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