Lightburn Rotary Roller Misaligned text

I am new to engraving. I am using a Longer Rays 20W laser and a longer rays rotary roller.
I have have no problems with Lightburn when engraving flat surfaces but have significant issue when using the rotary roller.
When I engrave text. the text is misaligned or skewed. I thought the object may be slipping or sliding in the rollers and tried all the methods to address this issue. DIfferent objects, with different surfaces or different sizes, all had the same problems.
I was about to give up, but the last thing I tried was to engrave the same text using LaserGRBL. The engraving came out perfect using GRBL on all th different object I had tried.
So there must be some issue with the software for the rotary roller in Lightburn.
Anyone have any ideas?
I would prefer to use Lightburn because it is more flexible than GRBL but Lightburn currently causes problems when using the rotary roller.

Did you use the rotary wizard? Maybe some settings are wrong there. Here are some general tips you might check out:

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