LightBurn Rotary Setup

Good Morning…LightBurn is a game changer…thank you very much

In regards to Rotary Set Up
Is it possible to have it setup for X axis
Rationale…when setup for X axis the stepper V-ref is set for 2 steppers
When only using one for Rotary I,m finding the single stepper getting very hot
one solution now is to re-adjust Vref or plug in another spare stepper connected to nothing
What I am doing now is connecting the rotary to the X axis scanning at 90 degrees and doing manual calculations for steps/mm …then changing $100 according to glass circumference

It would be a very large chunk of work to support this. On nearly all lasers, the Y axis cannot move nearly as fast because it carries significantly more weight than the X axis, so you’d be sacrificing a lot of speed to get around what amounts to a wiring limitation.

Based on what you’re saying, I assume you’re using a GRBL based board with one motor driver supplying two stepper motors. If you split the step/direction signals, out, and just plug the rotary into its own motor driver you can skip that altogether, OR, more commonly, you’d just use the 3rd or 4th motor axis to run the rotary, so you’re not swapping plugs at all. Is there a reason you can’t do one of those?

Thankyou for quick response
Yes I run GRBL…
Mana SE Board two stepper TMC 2208;s
as for speed my diode is a snail …1200 mm/min
Ideally yes I should purchase a 3 axis board
LOL///I used the $40 to renew LightBurn,better value for Dollar
Thanks OZ

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