Lightburn / Ruida Frame Slow

My Frame Speed is really slow, i have a ruida controller, I have changed the speed in “move” console. and it does effect my jog… but not my frame. nothing i do seems to change that.

Sorry about this! I found the issue and have fixed it. I will talk to @LightBurn today about how soon we can get a patched release out.

Thanks, I too seem to have this issue. Frame speed does not change.

i updatede my lightburn to newest yesterday, and at first my ruida kept thinking there was a project on pause. then after multiple shutdowns, resets, and laptop restarts… etc… i could finally start a new cut.

Yeah, it’s anyone with 0.9.10 right now. Won’t matter what type of machine you have. Will get out a fix ASAP.

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wan’t sure if it was all tied together.

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