Lightburn S9 Automatic Air Assist kit 32 Bit

Hi Everyone, My name is Geoff Fox, (Foxy) I have just purchased a Sculpfun S9 and I am using Lightburn. I am a this hobby, I would like to know if the SculpFun S9, 32 bit Automatic Air Assist kit will work with a 64Bit computer?

Lightburn sends codes to your controller and the controller turns the air assist on and off…

Maybe you should clarify?


Thank you for your reply, I have asked the same question to Lightburn, awaiting their reply. Thought the forum may have the answer as you have to download the 64 Bit version of the program.

32Bit Automatic Air Assist Mainboard

You forgot the mainboard part… this is your controller, it’s 32bits …

Lightburn tells this board (controller) what to do… then it’s up to the controller to turn on the air assist.

The 64bit Lightburn package you download will work fine on your Windows machine.

Good luck


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As the others said, two entirely different things. The automatic air assist kit will work with any PC and PC-Software.
I have the AAA-Kit and can confirm that it works in any combination (it just includes an S30-series mainboard for the laser).

Thankyou both for your input. I have just ordered the item.