Lightburn says UV laser is 'ready' when laser is off

I tried looking through the documentation first, but couldn’t find anything related, probably because I’m using the wrong terminology. So I thought I would reach out and see if anyone else had a similar issue like I did.

I hope I put this in the right categorie.

I’m having an issue where my UV laser suddenly isnt working with lightburn on my PC. LB will say it’s “ready” and that its “found USB-Lite”but won’t actually do anything if I try to frame out an image or test the rotary like in the past.
Before, if I turned off my UV, Lightburn would display “disconnected”, but right now it’s always saying ‘ready’ whether the UV is on or off. I’ve tried different ports, and also a different device. It says my Fiber laser is “ready” and the fiber isnt even hooked up to the computer. I even deleted the device and tried making a new one; it recognizes the laser and goes through without an issue
I tried reinstalling the software, along with ‘EzCad2 Driver’ and watched through some videos on Laser Everything.

The UV laser works fine when connected my MAC, though. I can even turn off the laser and LB will say it was disconnected.

I haven’t done any updates to either computer, and nothing has really changed when I was using the UV flawlessly until it didn’t work the next day.

Anyone else come across a similar issue?


EZCad2 drivers and Lightburn drivers are not the same… if it works for EZCad2 then it will not work with Lightburn.

If I were to guess, I’d suggest that Windows did an update while you were out…

Follow the Laser Everything video on swapping the EZCad2 drivers out and the Lightburn drivers in…

Good luck


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