Lightburn sending file to Ruida controller, no activity after

I have a simple engrave and cut file that I have just made that includes an 8.5 cm circle, some text and a vector image. I have just tried to click ‘start’ in lightburn and it says the file send has been successful but nothing shows on the controller and the laser does not start running. I have tried the send option after and it says the machine is busy. On the ruida controller, the only thing that shows is that it is running a job but nothing is happening and there is no layer info etc.
The only way the laser begins to work is if I make an array of at least for of the design? It seems like the file is too small to send or something?
Connected via usb on a Macbook. Latest update of lightburn

This is an issue with the last couple releases and MacOS. We have a new test version posted here that has fixed this for nearly everyone who’s tried it:

Can you try one of those and report back if you are still having trouble, or if it is working correctly for you?

I have just installed it and it seems to send the file over ok now. I haven’t had a chance to test a longer project yet

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