Lightburn sends air assist "on" but does not send air assist "Off"

the command to turn assist on is sent but the air remains on after the job is complete

I have a Ruida Controller and have had no success controlling the Air Assist. It seems to be “ON” no matter what I do. I have gone as far as installing a manual switch [really privative]. Is there something I missed here. I wrote to Orion the company that manufactured my Laser and received no reply.
any insight that can be offered here would be greatly appreciated.

Your Ruida is more than likely doing it’s job just fine, it will be an issue with the Ultimate Air Assist.

I had the same issue with the Cloudray supplied Ultimate Air Assist and can tell you they supply, even now, the wrong flow control valve for the bypass with it resulting in full air assist regardless of the solenoid being switched. This may give the impression the solenoid is always energised.

The flow control supplied valve has a built in check valve to for controlled flow in one direction and full flow in the opposite direction.
The adjusting head on the supplied valve has a ‘B’ marked on it (meters out) whereas it should be marked ‘A’ (meters in). The result is that the adjustable amount of low volume air that bypasses when the solenoid is off is always full flow.

I had been in touch with Cloudray about this but they said they couldn’t get the other valve and continue to supply the wrong one. I even sent them the Airtac data sheets for the valve but they were not really interested to correct it.

I replaced mine with … 0267020030 which controls flow in both directions.

I think my issue is one of M9 not being generated in the Lightburn code after each cut or burn cycle. I have to update my laser spec’s before folks can make any sense of the problem (controller model and firmware info).
thanks for your input
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