LightBurn settings

I was trying to get my limit switches to work so I changed several settings in my machine settings. Then I couldn’t get my laser head to jog with either the laser controls or LBs controls. I started changes things back, but the axes were going the wrong way. At one point when I was jogging the X-axis, it moved and the laser was firing. I fixed that. The only issue I have now is when I run a frame it does the frame and the laser is firing.
My laser has always jogged weird. One axis when jogging will go so far and stop, then go further and stop.
Is there a basic machine setup that I can download, and then go from there? I have a Geweike 1290.

There isn’t, because it would be different for every machine. I do have this though:

That’s the walkthrough of how I set up new machines, and it should help you. A few users with no previous experience have used it to successfully configure machines after doing controller swaps.

Thanks, OZ for the response. Any idea why the laser is firing while running a frame, or a place to start looking?

Check the wiring between the controller and the high-voltage supply. Ruida uses “active low” signaling to fire the laser, meaning the pin goes to ground to tell the laser to fire. Many PSU’s have an L pin and an H pin (L=low, H=high) and if you connect to the wrong one, OR the Ruida controller is set different than the default, that could do it. It could also be a dead PSU - that’s usually the first thing to go when they fail.

Thanks, OZ for the response. The laser has been working fine, except for the limit switches. I decided to go into the settings and try to turn on the limit switches. I changed a bunch of settings, and then the laser wouldn’t move at all. I finally got the laser to move but it was moving in the wrong direction. I got that fixed, and then when I ran a frame the laser fired the whole time the frame was running. Then I tried to send a file to the laser and kept getting a protect error. I ended turning off the water, and door protects I could load and image into the laser. The only bad part was the laser didn’t fire when it was cutting but fired as it was ging back to the starting point.

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