Lightburn setup not finding Sculpfun S10 initial first time user

Good day all,
I have just got a Sculpfun S10, and trial version of Lightburn, I cannot get the software to find my laser. I have tried uninstalling, reinstalling, both Lightburn and the driver and It will not find the S10. I have added it manually under GBRL but not so sure I will get all the reccomended settings if Lightburn was to find the laser?
any ideas? i have watched youtube to set up and tried all i can think.

many thanks


That’s completely fine. Autodetection does not work for most Sculpfun devices. But since you do all configuration afterwards, it’s not necessary at all.
Here is the complete procedure for and S10 and some tips on settings: Setting up the software - Diode Laser Wiki

many thanks for your fast response, all the best

Hi there, just found another setting that was stopping my laser working properly.
for those complete novices like me, in the settings for laser speed, make sure you are on best for diode laser and not co2 laser, now i can engrave cardboard :man_facepalming:

Just for clarity, there’s nothing about the units setting that prevents this from working. However, you would need to be aware of the units and set the value accordingly.

Having said that, it’s convenient to use the base units that’s commonly used by others for easy of comparison.

I was trying to run a engraving chart with settings said on a video, so i was using diode numbers in co2 settings, wondering why my laser wasnt doing much

I understood the scenario and is fairly common misconception. What I wanted to point-out for others reading this is that the units setting doesn’t change any behavior of the laser. This isn’t a setting that makes your laser work. It’s a preference setting. Any units are fine as long as the speeds are equivalent.

For example, you couldn’t just take the number value from the video you were watching. Let’s say 1000 (mm/minute) and use that 1000 number when your units are set to mm/s since your speed would be the equivalent of 60,000 mm/minute. To use mm/s as your units you would have to convert the 1000 mm/minute to 16.6 mm/s which is the same speed, expressed in their respective units.

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