Lightburn software 'bug' ? Discovered using with Win10 & Linux 21.1 machines

Hello All-

This may have been disclosed or discovered before, but I didn’t see it here, my apologies if this is a known ‘bug’.
ISSUE: I use my Win10 (ugh) desktop PC for designing, as my hardware is the newest there and overall fast performance. Once I get my file setup, I copy it to a USB and move it via sneakernet (yes, my age is showing) to my laptop out in the garage where my laser is setup.
When I open the file on the laptop (Linux 21.1) the problem appears: I have some fairly simply cuts and fills with text shapes ans when the file is opened…the text drops down, or moves downward on the screen…even though it was grouped with other elements on screen. I have to ungroup everything, select the text area and realign it (centered both V&H), regroup it and send it to the laser. I missed this the first few times, until I looked at my work and wondered what happened. :thinking:
To prove it was reproducible, I saved the file on the Linux laptop and copied it back to my Win10 desktop.
I opened the file on the Win10 Lightburn install…and now the text moved UP, instead of down. This is rather annoying to say the least and now I’m remeasuring and second guessing ALL my work! UGH. :roll_eyes:

On another note: Lightburn allows for 2 installs of their GREAT software which works out very nicely, except when the first install fails. I tried to install it to my second partition (Linux 21.1) on my desktop PC and Linux apparently didn’t like my video card drivers and I had to abort the install and install on the Win10 partition instead…now Lightburn says my Win10 install license is not vaild, due to the failed Linux install. Sigh. :unamused:

Sorry for the long ramble, but so far LOVE LIGHTBURN! This is probably one of the BEST software programs I’ve had the pleasure of using in my 40 years of using computers. Well done, Lightburn. :sunglasses:

Are the device profiles identical between the Two computers?

I found your License. I see no recorded attempt to register a Win 10 device. Both Keys are attached to Linux 21.1 but appear to be on different devices. I’ll remove one if you like, or, Because your email is active License Portal should work for self serve for you.

If you email support and ask nicely they’ll likely give you a Third Seat so you can continually test with and switch between Linux and Windows.

Hello John-

Thanks for the prompt reply, appreciate that! :slightly_smiling_face:

As far as I know the 2 profiles are the same, with the exception of the OS they are installed on. The only thing I can think of that might be an issue is the font I used. The Chopin Script OTF font was not installed on the LInux system first when I went to first start the job and had to abort and go back and install it first. The font displayed properly as far as geometry goes, just that it consistently drops down when moving the work job to that laptop with Linux 21.1
As a test, I did substitute with a basic font (Arial) and the text drop issue appeared with that test as well.
I will try to use the portal to straighten out my license count- Not sure how the Win10 system didn’t show up, it did yell at me about having the 2 installs already, and left me no choice but to start with a 30 day trial.

I will email support as you suggested, as it looks like some serious trouble shooting is at hand and I would love love to get this figured out!

Thanks again for your reply and help.

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