Lightburn software

Has any one used Lightburn on a Rabbit Laser 9060 , are any one know if it will work

The important bit of information that you need to know to determine compatibility is the controller used to drive your laser.

This link might help you identify which controller you have.

I took a look at the site and see that they are using Ruida control systems, which work very well with LightBurn for some systems and Leetro (not currently supported) on others. Some of the information listed is even conflicting as in this example:


RDWorks works exclusively on Ruida controllers. The images of the laser system/controller panel don’t match their textural description in all cases either, so I would not rely on those.

I suggest you download and try our 30 Day, Free Trial to evaluate it for yourself. You can also take a picture of the control panel and internal electronics and we can help identify your gear.

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