Lightburn stops burning, but red light keeps moving

We’re having repeated issues with our laser ceasing to burn in the middle of a task. The red light continues to move, endlessly repeating the same line of movement.

Lightburn throws up no error dialogue and it hasn’t frozen (we can still use ‘stop’ in the framing window). The timing of the error doesn’t appear to be consistent. Sometimes it’ll happen after burning 10 coins, sometimes it’ll happen after burning 1 coin.

We’re running a JPT 50w fibre galvo with an EZCAD2 board and Windows 10 connected via USB. Version of Lightburn is 1.3.01.

I really don’t know about that one, I had that issue in EZCAD but not experienced it in Lightburn. What driver are you using?

Driver details are in the attached image.

A coworker says he tapped the laser head (boxy thing that houses the galvo mirrors) and it started moving again. Haven’t witnessed/tested this myself though.

Do you know what the cause and solution was in EZCAD?