Lightburn stops when I turn off or on a light switch that is connected to the same circuit

Hello everyone,

maybe someone can help me. I have an Atomstack A5 and I use Lightburn. The problem is, Lightburn stops / crashes when I turn off or on a light switch that is connected to the same circuit. I searched for a solution months ago and I think i have seen a salution in this forum, but now i can´t find it.

Does anybody know how to fix this? Is it a problem with lightburn oder the Laser?

Thank you all for your help.

It sounds like you need a more robust power supply that is not so sensitive to line fluctuations…

Another solution would be to get a decent battery back up power source.

Like this:


There is nothing you can do in LightBurn to fix this…
I’ll have to look at your laser to see if I can make some suggestions.


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Clarify this, what do you mean. Does it stop or crash or?
What is stop, crash?

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Is it the same light switch ?
Are you switching florescent lights ?
Do you have your laser connected to a lighting circuit ?

Question is whether it is overload or electrical noise.
…with this machine it can hardly be electrical overload unless you have a large fan / exhaust and a cooling machine on the same switch.

Are you saying the computer that runs LightBurn is plugged into the same circuit or the Laser, or both?

Are you able to move the cursor around and click things in LightBurn when this happens? Do you get a crash report? You say “stops”, does the laser continue to run when this happens?

In some countries a lighting circuit is restricted to 5 Amps.

If the lighting is older florescent lighting they are highly inductive and send quite a spike through the line when switched.

Let’s see what the answers are. It will be interesting :thinking:

… I’m afraid he’s got an electric shock and can not answer anymore

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Let’s hope not :zipper_mouth_face::crazy_face::grin:

I was thinking the best solution might be to not flip the switch when lasering…

Is that like on a doctor visit I tell him it hurts when I do this. His response, don’t do that.


No, you should find out what causes communication interruption.
I was struggling with a similar issue last year, every time my CW5000 started or I used my industrial vacuum cleaner (sometimes also carried for no apparent reason), I lost the connection from the computer to my laser controller board.
My entire 230 volt house system is well dimensioned and properly grounded. After a long time, many attempts and thorough diagnosis, I found 3 small capacitors on my controller board, which was not broken but still a little dented at the top. I replaced the control board with a new one and have not had that problem since.

PS. At my diode laser, a very similar symptom was due to a lousy 12V power supply, new supply - no interruptions.

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I don’t disagree with anything you say…

It will be up to the guy with the problem to explore the options presented.

Maybe whole house wiring is on the horizon… :grin:

Hello, first of all thank you very much for all your answers. Fortunately, I haven’t had an electric shock yet.

Here are my answers to your questions:

The laser is connected to a normal power outlet in the room. The room is a workshop and of course has a light switch. The light is a fluorescent lamp.

Now it sometimes happens that when the laser is switched on and I either switch off the room light or another device such as a saw, the laser simply stops.

By stops I mean the following. The laser stops immediately and switches off the laser beam. Lightroom then simply shows me “busy”. I can’t press any more buttons and have to restart the programme and the laser.

“I was thinking the best solution might be not to flip the switch when lasering…”. Yes, that would also work, but there are other people living in the house who sometimes accidentally flip the switch. And and I also cant use other devices while the laser is running.

The whole house has proper wiring, I’m not worried about that, because the house has Austrian standards, the electrical system was installed by a company and there are no other problems with the electricity.

I ordered a new power supply unit today and will give it a try. Tomorrow I will also do some tests.

Thanks again for your help so far.

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This seems like an issue I have at home but with different equipment. I have distributed video using HDBase-T video transmission over Cat6 cabling. Whenever I have the TV on and I switch a ceiling fan on, the picture cuts out for a couple seconds. Sounds like an EMI issue.

Thank God he’s alive !! :wink:
The new power supply should probably solve your problem but also remember to ground your laser as best as possible.

Is this a room in the house or a un permitted addition someone built?

I have almost the same problem. Mine is with a surge protector though. Anything I plug into the outlet of it and my laser shuts down. It is called a “ brown out”. And I have to restart system to get it back on. Very annoying but so far that has been the only problem.

Hello everyone! I’am back. Sorry that you had to wait so long but I tested the problem and new solution very often and long to be sure that it works.

@Gregory and were right. I bought a new power supply and this one works with no problems. While the Laser is running I can now work with other machines, turn on and of the light and everything without problems. So the original powe rsupply from atomstack must be the problem.

Thank you all for you great help! Wish you all a nice start in the week!

Greetings Marco