Lightburn stops

Trying to burn Gris file, but it stops about half way through. Tried several times with same results. Also, have the same problem burning an imported jpeg image.

Start with these:

Sorry for not saying that I running my Ortur Master 1 on a iMac, but an older model. However, I might reinstall Parallels and try to run it in Windows 10.

What messaging is showing in the console, if any?

Nothing that I know of. I’ll have to check the next time I try. Thanks

When the laser does stop, it keeps loadIng data. Tried to pause and resume, nothing. If I click start it starts for only second then stops again. Maybe this will help in some thinking.

If your controller is still receiving commands and the machine is not moving, it’s not a software problem with LightBurn.

I agree. Tried with a new iMac with the latest OS and it works ok. Guess I have to dig into the old Mac and see what can be done there short of a new one😉

If you’re not on the latest Mac OS version, you could have a dodgy ftdi driver.

There were a few about, along with some questionable OS practices to enable them.

I would start there.

[quote=“Bonjour, post:9, topic:20578”]
dodgy ftdi dri

Checked that out, but cant find anything there. Im almost sure its the Mac. Tried it again and when it stopped there was no warning or faults in the console. But, the laser head was frozen in one spot with fan running and when I clicked pause or resume nothing. Clicked stop then start, nothing. In fact checked devises and it couldn’t recognize GRBL. So I assume the USB lost the signal. Tried to shut down the laser, but it would not turn off until I disconnected the ac power.

Mac’s are rock-solid from the perspective of their own hardware - I would put money on it being a dodgy driver.

I agree, but I now have erased the hard drive completely and clean installed a new OS. Same problem🥴

Which Mac OS did you install?

El Capitan is the latest I can use. Lightburn sent me a older version which works. The problem with the laser stopping is only when I try to burn a non vector image like a photo imported into Lightburn. Lightburn has not been to keen on helping resolving this. However, I ordered a T9300 CUP hoping this might help. With this I can use Sierra. I upgraded the drive to a SSD a couple years ago. I used it on a vector project for most of the day with no problem. Thanks for helping so far.

I have had a similar issue, I noticed that it was related to the power. If I plugged or unplugged something near the ortur, it would stop. Therefore I put the ortur and my pc on a ups the also filters the power. This seems to have cleared the issue. I have not had any random stops since. Hope this helps.

Thank for your info. I’ll give that a try. As I mentioned before, the Ortur runs fine on vector projects it’s the non vector burns when it stops. However, yesterday I was burning a grid and it stopped. I downloaded the grid file from a member, but not sure it was a vector file. I have to check and see.

Ok, today I tried to burn a grid file again. About half way it stopped again. This time I clicked on the stop button and it still seemed to want to load the file. Clicked on the pause, nothing, still acting like it’s still loading. Tried to turn off the Ortur, it wouldn’t turn off. Unplugged it and the red power light on Orter remains on even without the power cord plugged in. When I unplugged the usb cord, the Ortur shut down. Any thoughts?

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