Lightburn tcp connection issue

I have found a issue that a tcp connection is not working when a custom g code device is selected. If I select a grbl device it works perfectly. I am running grbl 1.1h on arduino with a esp8266 wifi added on. Does anyone know what buffer size is automatically selected with a standard grbl device Vs the custom g code device?

Can you communicate with your Arduino via Telnet?
The firmware must be purposefully configured to allow serial data to flow through wifi - so i am assuming you are using a custom firmware with Wifi enabled?

Some firmwares versions allow wifi connection to send files only, not for stream data

Yes I can, and I can connect to it and use it when I select a standard grbl device and set the port and tcp address. I can run a job, frame and jog etc with no issues. But when I try to connect to it set up as a custom g code device I get no connection. The reason I want to use the custom g code device is I have built a plasma cutter and am using bLouchip’s custom g code to run the per cut probing etc.

I am uncertain Custom Gcode Device has the serial port done the same way as Grbl protocols
Question for the devs. Maybe @JohnJohn or @Rick could validate too

Sorry to step in.
Maybe it´s configurable.
You could try connecting with Arduino IDE to see if you can get more information.
Otherwise you could try sizes like 32, 64,128, 256, 512, 1024.

256 seems to be common with the esp8266 wifi adaptor. I have tried a variety of buffer sizes but no change. Does anyone know what buffer size is set when a standard grbl device is selected with a tcp connection.

So upon further testing, I have now tried every flavour of grbl in the custom g code devices and different buffer sizes. Still no connection. When connecting as a standard grbl device via tcp I get a connection straight away and it reports a 128 byte buffer and my machine operates as expected. I suspect it is a fault in the software if someone could weigh in?

Try toggling “Enable DTR Signal”.

That option is greyed out

It can be changed in Edit->Device Settings after configuring the device.

Tried this but to no effect. I have also tried every combination of settings in the device setup as well including trying text based and hardware flow control. Still getting - waiting for connection… if I go to the grbl device I set up I get an instant response and a connection.

Does the Custom device type work if configured through a serial connection?

When you say a serial connection as in USB? If so, yes it works perfectly. It is only when trying to use the tcp connection via the lb custom device that I have this issue.

Interesting. Let’s ask @adammhaile to comment on this as I believe he worked on that feature.

I’m aware of this but haven’t dug into it yet… Custom GCode was released with 1.5 yet we seem to only be hearing issues now with 1.6
@Randyl_nz can you confirm what version of LightBurn you are using?

Hi Adam,

I will test this and confirm that this is the case. I have been busy using my cnc plasma via usb as wifi is flaky, but I will be moving to ethernet for reliability so getting the tcp connection to work with the custom device will be critical for me. I do have another couple of questions about the custom device. Why does framing run the same code as tool on? I find it pulses the controller spindle output briefly when framing and starts my plasma which is not ideal. Laser on while framing is turned off… also why does machine settings disappear when in custom device. Makes it a bit of a pain if I need to change any grbl controller settings.