Lightburn Text Engrave Quality

I have a shenhui 350 laser. About 18 hours on the stock 50w tube. Recently re-aligned the mirrors and cleaned the lens.

When engraving leather (6-7 oz veg tan natural) in RDworks via usb connection I get a much cleaner engrave from the text tool in RDworks than I do in lightburn. I used the same settings (350mm/s 14% and single direction scan with .065" scan interval). I’ll try to attach a picture. Top of LB engrave and bottom is RDworks engrave. Same settings as best as I can tell.

What settings do I need to tweak to get lightburn to engrave better? Typically LB runs better than RDworks but this is a sore spot for me. I do a lot of work in this product so I’d like to get it dialed in. I only have 2 days left in my trial. I downloaded it and installed when my shop was getting rearranged and wasted almost two weeks of trial time!! Hoping to get this figured out soon. If I can then I think LB is a sure fire buy for me.

I genuinely do not see whatever difference you’re talking about. I can see differences in the letter outlines, but they vary a fair bit in both images. (The U on the top pic appears to have a few stray dots along the edges, but I see the same on the B, E, and O in the lower image).

0.065" for interval is pretty huge, so I’m assuming you mean 0.0065, though even that is a bit high - most vector work would be done at 0.004 or less. If you’re trying to save time and still get clean edges, try using Scan + Cut so the laser traces the outline after filling.

.065 mm which makes it 390 lines per inch.

Your original post said 0.065" (inches), hence my confusion:

I see that now. My apologies. The edge of the letters is the issue I was referring too.overall I think that less of the rdworks letter edges are fuzzy. I don’t get why that is. When I raster engrave or vector engrave in lb from .ai files it’s much cleaner than rdworks. But just the text tool seems to be off. I make quite a few of these name badges and it’s nice to just be able to edit direct in rdworks or hopefully lightburn.

We would like to review your files demonstrating this result. If you are willing, please prepare and send 2 RD files (one saved from LightBurn and one saved from RDWorks) with matching text objects and settings for review to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com. Thank you.

I’ll send in a minute. Thanks!