LightBurn Text Printing Backward

NOOB ALERT! Just set up the XTOOL D!1 Have been using LightBurn. I have never used this program. I am an experienced Graphic Designer but this is a new program for me. Images and text are printing backward. I have tried all FOUR “origin” positions in device settings. All it does is flip the image on screen. Text is backward when laser prints regardless. I can provide images if necessary. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  1. Set origin to top-left for D1
  2. Flip design as necessary to look “correct” on screen
  3. Burn

That should work. xTool actually had a .lbdev file on their website that has the specific device configuration for your laser that you may want to use as it includes offset scanning adjustment, laser offset, and a few other D1 specific changes.

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