Lightburn Thumbnail Preview and One Drive

So I’ve kind of figured out the problem I’ve had for over a year now, but I still don’t know/don’t have a solution. I’m hoping someone else has figured it out?
The Lightburn Thumbnail Previews do NOT work when my files are One Drive (which is where I keep all of my files.)
Meaning, if I navigate to a certain file or files in a folder…the thumbnails are all just the lightburn dragon, not the actual designs on the workspace.
However, IF I search in a file on One Drive for something like really generic like “magnet,” a proper thumbnail design preview shows up so I know it’s “possible” to work with OneDrive.
Does anyone have any solutions, fixes, or ideas on how to make this work? It’s really frustrating!

No one else is experiencing this or has any thoughts/solution?

AFAICT, everybody storing LightBurn files on any cloud-based file service has eventually run into catastrophic data loss. Janky thumbnails is the least of the problems.

Given the number and consistency of the reports, “don’t do that” seems the best policy: store the files on a local drive and make regular backups.