Lightburn to Corel Draw Script Error

When we have tried to install this -the error that keeps coming up is this -2147467259(80004005)
Can you please tell us what is wrong and how to fix it

Maybe this will help

Thank you RalphU - !! that part works now!! as in Corel to Lightburn but how do I achieve my Lightburn designed files back to Corel ? as in without having to save etc - I run 2 lasers one I use Lightburn but the other uses Corel draw files etc to run (Epilog) it would just make life so much easier if i can run all my design files in Lightburn (which is fantastic to use) and send them to Corel to use -unless someone has a way around it ?

It would make it easier to design everything in CorelDraw, because you can then use the Epilog print driver, and when you want to send to Lightburn, use the script to send to Lightburn. Do you ever run the same job on both lasers? I ask, because if you need to make revisions, you are only revising the CorelDraw file.

If you would rather design in Lightburn, then export to CorelDraw to run the Epilog, Lightburn’s SVG export is your best bet. I export SVG from Lightburn to CorelDraw a lot, and it works good. It puts everything on 1 layer, and any vector lines have to be reset to hairline. It depends on what route you want to take, and whether you would rather design in Lightburn. If so, export to SVG and just use CorelDraw for the print driver. But your main database of files would be saved in Lightburn.

Thank you for your solutions very much appreciated - I do the export SVG it was more to transfer what we already have done in light burn to use in Corel just to make life easier when running so many different programs!!

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