Lightburn tools are not calibrating with ortur machine

Tool designs become far larger when framed or etched on my machine. This for some reason just happened. It worked ok for weeks before now.
I have a second small computer that I installed lightburn on and that works ok. I have to transfer my project to it to run the program.
I tried uninstall and reinstall and that did not fix it. How can I completely remove and reinstall since it is my computer at the problem.

Did you happen to change the workspace size in LightBurn by chance?

Same question for your firmware settings, any changes made there recently?

For your license issue…

If you still have access to the old computer, you can deactivate it like so: How do I move my license to a new computer?

Otherwise, you can use the license portal to manage your license activations, as explained here: How to access the license portal to manage your own activations

If you have any issues, please let us know.

Wow, good fast response,
settings are width 15.75 height 16.93
I had firmware updated with latest in an attempt to fix the issue, didn’t fix though.

So, something has changed. Now we need to find out what, and set them properly. What are your current firmware settings?

What version of firmware are you currently running?

@OrturTech, what should these be set to for his system?

[MODEL: Ortur Laser Master 2]

[OLF: 137]

[DATE:01:15:16 - Apr 20 2020]



Target buffer size found




Type $$ into the console and post what get spit back here for review. The console window will scroll so please copy all and paste in response.

Have you checked that you are in sync with units: inch/inch or mm/mm?

Something went bad im my system files. When I uninstalled lightburn and reinstalled I thought it would fix. It did not.
How can I completely remove lightburn and associated files from the computer before reinstalling???

I’m working in inches.

So your machine is also set to inches?

Ken, we are trying to help and you are responding with partial answers at best, making this harder than it needs to be. Please re-read and reply to the information we are requesting, and we can go from there, one issue at a time.

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I’ll bow out :slight_smile:

Your response help is great. I just changed to mm and things are working different . I think you have me on the right track. Thanks.

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Good catch @Bonjour, thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you got sorted. :slight_smile:

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