LightBurn upgrade

I am running Windows 7 on my garage computer. I have Lightburn running on it. I want to upgrade the software but for some reason, it will not work. Can I download the upgrade 9.09 and the FTDI drivers then install them from a thumb drive?

Can you elaborate on that? How are you trying to upgrade?
Can you provide a screenshot of any error messages?

Granted, you can do what you asked and the FTDI drivers are included in the Windows LightBurn installer package. So you just need the one file.

Hopefully, this will clear up my question. Now how can I just download the upgrade to 9.09?
Thanks everybody.

Hmm… ok, now I see what you are talking about. @LightBurn, I think you are the only one with access to update those download links so it looks like something is borked with the new update mechanism
Or it’s possible that there’s an incompatibility with 0.9.04 and the update system introduced in 0.9.09

Could you possibly provide the URL it’s attempting to go to when you are getting the “This page can’t be displayed” message in your browser?

Either way, that’s all just a convenience. Just grab the download from here:
And install that. You should be good. We’ll take a look at what’s up with that download link in the meantime.

Hey Guys, I got this figured out. I need to add some stuff to my connection in order to download. Once fixed I was able to download the upgrade along with the drivers.

Thanks for the help.

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