Lightburn version compatibility

I purchased Lightburn a while back and I love the software. Most of our lasers use a Ruida controller so I purchased the DSP version. I was thinking of adding a mini grbl 2 controller to my K40. From what I understand this requires the gcode version.

Does anyone else use both environments? Would I need to purchase the software again for gcode export?

Thank you!

We have many users that run both DSP and GCode lasers from the same install of LightBurn. The DSP License provides support for GCode systems as well. No additional license required.

Thank you for explaining.
That is good to know.

I want to do this also. I have an Emblaser 2 which is gcode now with the lightburn licence and are buying another machine which comes with rd works. Do I need to download a different version of lightburn to suit this type of post processor?

No, what you need to do is upgrade your license to allow for DSP controller use. You would choose the following:

Enter your existing GCode license key - Do not enter a trial ID - we’ll update your existing license to include the DSP devices. You will not receive a new key.

So this mean I will be able to use both options? I will still need my gcode for the emblaser. Can both be run on the same pc or will I need another pc to run the different version? Will it just be a matter of switching between machines in Lightburn? Thanks

Yes, as you can see on the DSP product page, the DSP Version supports DSP and GCode devices:

ok. Great. Thanks.

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