Lightburn vs Easel

I am wondering if both applications have the same functions.
Is Lightburn is better with laser ?

I feel this is like comparing Photoshop to Illustrator
Both can “edit” a picture. but one is more suitable for one things than the other

Lightburn cannot do CAM tool paths to the full extent of its meaning, but then again you can do a engraving job setup in 1/10th of the time it would take on Easel

Each tool for its job purpuse i would say.

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Thank you for answer.
It might by embarrasing question but I am new to this.
Can I do laser and engraving with Lightburn software please?

No question is embarassing if after getting the answer you know something new :slight_smile:

If you are asking if lightburn will let you configure the more standard CNC (wood routing for example) jobs. Not exactly
It will allow you do some functions with Z-stepper as pass step down, but not exactly the typical CAM toolpathing fusion 360 or easel do

Lightburn is more 2D (2.5D) oriented.

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Thank you for your comprehension.

As I understand that Lightburn can do “2D” laser and engraving but I have to change the head based on what I want to do. correct me if I’m wrong please

we need to define “laser” and engraving

Think of your laser beam as a tool
it can either cut, or raster
It cant however - well it can but lets not complicate - it cant however do 3d shapes on the wood
All will be a combination of LINES that are cut into the wood(material) or combinations of dots to make a image.

so in a 2D aspect, you can make a path . and alter the power/mode of the laser to engrave or cut.

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Hi Gil, I am pleased with the fine and competent answer you have given here in this thread.
I just want to say that. :+1:


Thank you for more valuable information.
Is there a place to see more projects that can be done with lightburn application please?

A nice show and tell is hree in the forum itself

has a sub section of project files people shared too

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