Lightburn was unable to remove the backup file

Lightburn 1.6.00 w/ OMTech MF1220-50

Raising this again since there have been no active posts about this since 2021. From the older posts, I gather that this is caused by using Dropbox as your file folder. I tried setting my backup frequency in the settings to 0 minutes but that didn’t help. It would be an easy matter for Lightburn to fix by simply allowing the user to select a different folder for the backup files.

Has this been fixed since 2021, or am I the only one experiencing this? It’s not hindering me from using the program, but it sure is annoying. I have Lightburn, FreeCAD, and VCarve Pro on my office computer, where I do my design work, and then file files just magically appear on the computers in my shop. Lightburn is the only program that exhibits this behavior.