Lightburn will not connect to Trocen AWC708S

I just got a chinese CO2 laser and can not get lightburn to recognize the machine is connected via USB. I am using Windows 10 and the machine has Trocen AWC708S.

The Trocen is a DSP machine. You’ll need the Free Trial version or a DSP License to connect.

When unpacking and installing LightBurn, there’s an opportunity to install or skip the absolutely critical FTDI Driver. It’s easy to miss it. The easy way to confirm that the FTDI driver is installed is to Open your downloads folder, execute the LightBurn installer, and walk through it slowly to ensure you don’t skip it.

LightBurn may not Auto-detect the correct USB port. Open the Console window and the Laser window. If you see any input from the laser in the Console window, (even an error message) you’ve connected the hardware and you’re communicating. You can move forward. If you see no communication from the Laser engraver at this point, Click the middle Button along the bottom row in the Laser window and select a different COM port if it’s available. it may take 10 seconds to start communicating with the controller.

Please let us know if it’s either of those or if you’re still stuck.

The search tool in the top right corner is good. Occasionally I have better success with a search engine pointed at the forum.

This may be of interest: